Maddies has a wonderful choice of Cloths, Shoes and Accessories for your special friend. And if she has been loved all these years and is in need of a make over we offer a re-wigging of the doll that brings a new look and many more years of enjoyment. Items fit most 18 inch dolls.

Maddies is your number 1 online doll store.

Xmas jammies tree
Tiger shirt set
Stripped jammies
Tie Dye
Unocorn Jammies
Xmas Jammy plain

Rewigging your doll can bring many more years of enjoyment and offer you the ability to have a fresh new look 

  • Made to FIT MOST 18” DOLL HEAD like: American Girl doll, Gotz Doll, Australian Girl Doll, Bonnie & Pearl, My life, Our Generation, Maplalea, etc.

  • Made with a HIGH and FINEST QUALITY fiber, the same as in human wigs.

  • HEAT RESISTANT up untill 350*F: you can style the wig with flat iron, blow dryer or curler to create all the styles you desire.

  • Extra SILKY and SOFT: it feels amazing when you touch it.

  • Extra THICK: 2 times more hair density.

  • DETANGLE RESISTANT: easy to brush and style. Very important when kids are playing with it.. You can style it as you desire.

  • WASHABLE with baby Shampoo and conditioner..

  • Use Always Metal Brush and spray water onto the wig before styling .

Long cotton candy wig (back)
Long Cotton candy wig